Monday, July 12, 2010

VM Supermodel 2010 - Hungary

Every year VM Model from Hungary organize a huge contest looking for new faces. I'd like to introduce you the 8 finalists who were chosen between a thousand of candidates!
This contest had as judges agentes from: Storm (London), Fashion (Milan), Nathalie (Paris), Elite (NY), Mega (Hamburg) and Switch (Tokyo).
These beautiful girls below were the luckiest ones!

Is the winner!
She's 16 years old and 1,80 tall. Again here is the proof that being blonde doesn't mean barbie or bland but strong and interesting!
Already placed with Fashion in Milan and Storm in London.
Congrats to Dea!

This young lady (she's 16) is definitely my personal favorite among all the finalists. She has a very strong look for being such a newbie! And I think that time will prove me right.
She's already signed with Nathalie in Paris and Elite in New York so hopefully we'll see her on the catwalks very soon because she's 1,79 and obviously doesn't have height issues :)

What an intriguing face! She's definitely one to watch.
She's 16 and ready to begin her career abroad with Storm in London and Mega in Hamburg.

Is very young, 14 years old to be exact. So maybe she needs some time to develop.
There's no doubt she has the potencial to be a great model. You can already see it in her first ever tests since all these girls are modeling for 2 weeks only! I love her face, kinda shy and intense at the same time.

Is 16 years old and a 1,79 silhoutte.
A very romantic and a bit cute look in my opinion.

Another baby, she's just 14 and already 1,77 tall!
I think she has a huge editorial potential judging for her very first tests. She also needs some time to develop.

Is intense! She looks really mature and experienced in her tests despite her 17 years old and being a total new face.

I really like Dora! It's something about her eyes / brows... I don't know! I just feel she has an interesting appeal apart from being beautiful and 1,77 tall :)

* An special thanks to VM Model for introducing all of these beauties.

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