Friday, May 29, 2009

Introducing: Candelaria @ Verve Management

I have an special feeling for this cutie. She's truly awesome! And fresh as the air here...
Argentina is giving us quite great new faces don't you think so?
There's no need to say one more time how much I adore redheads and much more freckles the better. But I'm going to do it one more time :)
Let's meet Cande!

* images courtesy of Verve Management.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Agnes @ Kid Of Tomorrow

I'm so captivated by her look... Agnes has magical features and also, she scores 181 tall. So what else can we ask?
She's placed with Studio KLRP in Paris since a couple of months...

Ellinor @ Nisch Management

I would like to introduce you Ellinor. She's really very young yet but I guess she won't grow taller because she's already 182 (jaw dropping)... Her unique features got me instantly! She just have to work a little in her expressions :)
Anyway, her legs have no ending! Imagine this girl in the catwalk wow...

* images courtesy of Nisch Management.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Meet Isabel @ Ragazza Model Management

Say hello to the new Joy Models Milan beauty!
She's going to Milan this summer and see what happens... Wish her luck!

* images courtesy of Ragazza Model Management.

Xenia @ Mandarina Models

It's been a while since I don't feature a truly Heavenly Girl. But today Xenia was introduced to me and made my day!
She's 16 years old and is so cute! Not place anywhere abroad yet. Just waiting for her opportunity in Romania :)
Let's see what happens...

* images courtesy of Mandarina Models.

Anna @ Rush Models

Anna is not brand new, I always loved her face since an year ago when I first saw her :) But never had the chance to post about her here. So now it's time!
Currently she's only placed with Iconic in Berlin...
I'm desperate to see more from her!

* images courtesy of Rush Models.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kristina @ Image Discovery

Another great discovery from Russia!
Let's meet 14 years old Kristina. I absolutely adore her polaroids, so fresh and clean...

* images courtesy of Image Discovery.

Paulina @ Eastern Models

Again, how much I love freckles!
This is Paulina, a lovely brand new face from Poland who is starting her career abroad this summer :)

* images courtesy of Eastern Models.

Julia @ Paparazzi

This lovely 17 years old girl is travelling for the first time this summer to join Women in Milan. Wish her luck!

* images courtesy of Paparazzi.