Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meet Saskia @ Models In Company

Let's meet this fabulous redhead!
Saskia just signed with IMG Worldwide and she in Paris at the moment to do some testing which I cannot wait to see! This girl is definetely one to watch...

* images courtesy of Models In Company

Masha @ LMA

Gorgeous new face to begin this day!
Masha has an incredible silhoutte (182 - 80 - 62 - 90). And I know that a great future coming for her :) Soon we'll have news!
I really love her hair cut! It gives her a bit masculine side but in a really cute way... Stay tuned!

* images courtesy of LMA.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jana @ PH Models

Beautiful brunnette! With lots of charm and lovely soft stare :)

Stay tuned!

* images courtesy of PH Models.

Evelyn @ One Models

Striking new face from Romania.
Such a delicate face in a 180 tall silhouette!
Let's meet her!

* images courtesy of One Models

Benedicte @ Unique Models

Another potential beauty from Denmark! I'm loving her name right now :)
17 years old and kinda tomboy looking, don't you think so? So gorgeous though!

* images courtesy of Unique Models.

Basia @ Eastern Models

I always loved Basia... I think she's simply gorgeous:)
She's now placed with Beatrice in Milano and Nathalie in Paris. Hope that she'll make it big some day!
Here are her freshest polaroids...

* images courtesy of Eastern Models.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Marlena Szoka @ DZ - Management

Today it's time to update you with some fresh polaroids of dear Marlena whom is still new but already had a very good season :) She's with Nathalie in Paris and View in Spain.
What a beautiful and cool girl! Enjoy!

* images courtesy of dz-management.

Katya Shtym @ Lily Models

Gorgeous ukranian brunette! What an amazing eyes combined with that strong gaze... She's currently in Milan with Future :)

* images courtesy of Lily Models.

Ira @ Sky Models

Lovely new face! She's with Sky Models in Russia and she looks heavenly for sure :)
Isn't she darling? Meet Ira

* images courtesy of Sky Models

Saturday, April 25, 2009