Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still NY Fashion Week :)

Here are the "it" girls. They're all still " kinda new" because only have one or two season in their backs but they're walking with giant steps as we can all see :P
Growing day by day or season by season.
Love them all!

Nimue @ Women is rocking so hard these days! She's a star now after booking almost every major show :)

Cute Nimue!

Imogen @ Next is love! We can't get enough of her face...

Sophie @ IMG

Cato @ IMG (L)

Giedre @ NY Models

Wow! Naty @ Women

Sophie @ IMG & Alexa @ Women

My new favorite duo: Imogen & Nimue

And how can we forget about Sigrid @ NY Models!


Anonymous said...

All of the girls are beautiful... Giedre and Sigrid are with NY Models

Beautiful Liers said...

yeah thanks! :)