Friday, December 12, 2008

Swedish Newbies

Just WOW!

Mikaela @ Mikas
She's so unbelievable cute! Reddish plus flawless face it's a killer combination.

Sandra @ Mikas
Oh my... she's beyond words!
Great future here for sure.

Sofia @ Mikas
Freckles freckles and more freckles!

Rebecca @ Mikas
Interesting huh...

Johanna O. @ Mikas
Wow piercing eyes! Look at that stare in a polaroid, cute!

Johanna E. @ Mikas
Never got bored of a gorgeous blonde.

Emelie @ StockholmsGruppen
Amazed by her polaroids

Carolina @ Modellink
Love her look!

Anita @ Mikas

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